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Cancun generates 14,000 new jobs already this year

Cancun, Q.R. — The Ministry of Labor and Social Security reports that the state of Quintana Roo has seen the highest job growth rate in the country over the last 10 years, with Cancun announcing 14,000 new jobs already this year.

They say that due to its growth and positioning, which is driven by tourism, the state ranks first in Mexico for the highest annual job growth rates. As of last year, the state continually registered a 10 percent increase in employment, doubling the national average of 4.5 percent.

Gerardo Téllez, general director of Advisors in Productivity and Human Development explained that at the national level that means generating at least 3 million jobs per year. However, given the lack of opportunities, many people have become self-employed.

“The young people are the ones who are opting more for having a company. They switched the role of an employee for being a boss and even being a freelancer, which is changing the way of being a worker,” he explained.

He says that the young self-employed generation look for hours that are available for them to work, a benefit that many companies already see as costs decrease and productivity increases. He says there is the phenomenon on the rise and, which are the digital nomads, young people who travel around the world and settle in a place to work for a while, taking advantage of the connectivity.

There is a trend that in the next decade will have more momentum, which is young people interested in knowing the world and the facilities of information technologies allow them to do so, explained Luis García Silva.

“Destinations like Cancun that are receiving this niche market, which is considered an attractive location, will continue to benefit financially,” he added. This work environment is a combination of aerial infrastructure and fiber optic connectivity.

The city of Cancun says that from January to March of this year, they have generated more than 14,000 jobs, many of which are contributed to the 26 hotels being built in the region. Cancun mayor, Remberto Enstrada Barba, says that this growth is due to strategies such as the Recruitment Express, which links job seekers with companies and their vacancies.

He says more than 12,000 people have been interviewed through the Express Contracting, of which over 90 percent were hired.