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Cancun garbage company fires 22 for demanding quotas

Cancun, Q.R. — The company in charge of Cancun’s garbage removal says they have fired 22 employees for asking for money or quotas to remove garbage.

Eduardo Mariscal de la Selva, head of the Solid Waste Integral Solution (Siresol) office, says that the 22 dismissals came after numerous citizen complaints of garbage collectors asking for money, something that is not promoted.

He explained that the actions were the result of a review by Siresol on the performance of companies in charge of collecting and disposing of garbage. Mariscal de la Selva said that the workers demanded fees for the collection of waste and, therefore, the company discharged them.

“With the complaints we had, that we all appreciate in the matter of some operators asking for quotas or something similar to pick up the garbage, those 22 employees have been discharged,” he said.

Eduardo Mariscal said that those internal movements have generated some problems in garbage collection in recent weeks.

“In recent weeks the collection has fallen a bit due to the fact that we have had a decrease personnel,” he said adding that from those same complaints, a total of six supervisors were also dismissed.

He says that collection is also behind because 23 trucks are in for maintenance.

“This is so that the trucks don’t fail, but service is being provided, just delayed in different parts of the city.”

In April, Playa del Carmen city council also expressed their concern about reports city garbage collectors were asking for money to remove garbage.