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Cancun firemen save bee-swarmed dog with CPR

Cancun, Q.R. – A team of Cancun firefighters saved several lives yesterday when a swarm of bees began attacking people and their pets.

A remodeling project was underway on Xel-Ha Avenue in Cancun when a machine accidentally hit a tree, causing it to fall over. Upon hitting the ground, the large nest of African bees within the tree began stinging people as well as two dogs.

Local firefighters were called to the scene to secure the area where they arrived in specialized suits. While people in the area were unharmed, the two dogs were badly stung. Firefighters performed CPR on the dogs, but unfortunately one died. The other was taken to a nearby veterinary hospital where it was stabilized.

Last year, a swarm of African bees attacked passersby outside a mall in Playa del Carmen, stinging 10 people, two of whom were hospitalized.

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