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Cancun firemen hoping for three more stations before end of year

Cancun, Q.R. — Before the end of the year, firemen are hoping three additional fire station houses will be opened in Cancun making nine throughout the city.

CEO of the fire department, Thomas Hurtado Morris, explained that the city needs at least three more houses to quickly answer calls and effectively respond to emergencies.

“We are looking at how to get more stations since the ideal situation would be to have three more opened before the end of the year. This would create a more prompt response time to the services that are requested by shortening the distance from six minutes to three,” he explained.

Thomas Hurtado Morris

He says that a few weeks ago, the Cancun fire department began a study to determine which areas needed the additional stations, saying that for example, two would be Prado Norte and the Isla Mujeres Continental Zone.

He noted that the added stations do not require a large investment since only one water pipe, one pick-up truck and six firemen per shift are required in each of the stations. He also explained that they only need an area of about 80 square meters.

There have been discussions with authorities from the Municipal Secretary of Public Safety and Traffic, he says, since they have abandoned police stations that are feasible for the fire stations.

Hurtado Morris said that before the start of the holiday season, they are anticipating authorization to open the three fire stations in the various police booths or a site at the Benito Juárez Town Hall.

He also noted that they could open a station in a fraction if a donation was made to the firemen, something that would be well received.

During the upcoming season, Hurtado Morris says that more than 130 Cancun firemen will be on call to respond to emergencies.