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Cancun elements arrest one of their own in string of robberies

Cancun, Q.R. — A recent breakthrough in the investigation into those responsible for a string of bank and ATM robberies has resulted in the arrest of one of their own.

As a result of ongoing intelligence work, the Municipal Secretariat of Public Security and Transit  carried out an operation where the alleged leader of a criminal group responsible for a series of bank and ATM robberies was arrested.

Undersecretary of Public Safety, Alejandro Rodríguez, was in charge of the organization of the operation that was carried out December 5, when another crime was committed. An arrest was made, which turned out to be an active police member of the Municipal Secretariat of Public Security and Transit.

The police member, who has only been identified as “N”, was arrested and handed over to the State Prosecutor’s Office for proceedings.

After the arrest, Cancun mayor Remberto Estrada Barba instructed Municipal Secretariat of Public Security and Transit to maintain close collaboration with authorities responsible for the investigation to detect if other police are involved with the alleged criminal.

The City Councilor has since ordered that the corresponding bodies request all police elements be submitted to the respective trust controls in order to guarantee reliable public performance.

Secretary of Public Security, Darwin Puc Acosta, said that the mayor is working to transform the public perception toward the police with zero tolerance for those who are found engaging in illegal activities.