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Cancun drivers asked to be vigilant as blue crabs cross busy roads

Cancun, Q.R. — Environmental volunteers are asking Cancun drivers to be aware of blue crabs crossing streets for the next three days.

For the next three days, hundreds of blue crabs will make their way from mangroves to the sea by way of roads. This annual pilgrimage often leads to the death of many as careless drivers run over them, however again this year, volunteers are asking motorists to be vigilant.

Municipal ecology and environmental associations have formed an operation to help the crabs make their way to the sea without being run over. Felipe Villanueva, director of municipal ecology, says that the blue crab protection campaign begins today and will run for the next three days.

“To date there are already 150 people who registered as volunteers to attend one of the four points where they will set up brigades that help the blue crab find a refuge,” he explained.

He said that the points where these modules will be placed are at Las Perlas Beach, Punta Nizuc, Playa del Niño (in Puerto Juárez) and the Tajamar Malecón.

It is a unique and very special experience that helps people learn the importance of caring for the environment, but above all, it creates identity among the population and unites families.

Volunteers can be seen wearing light clothing and carrying brooms and dustpans that are used to collect the crabs without touching them. Anyone who sees the crabs trying to cross at the points can help by gently scooping them into a dustpan and walking them to the sea.