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Cancun crime news not deterring travelers

Cancun, Q.R. — Cancun crime news is not deterring travelers as more flights are continually added to the resort city. Airlines such as U.S., Spirit and Delta are wagering that Americans will continue to flock to Cancun as they add more flights to popular beach destination.

Other airlines such as Southwest have increased their flights into the city of Cancun, while United Continental Holdings is using one of its largest jets to fulfill the weekly Chicago-Cancun run.

Despite Cancun crime news, the additional flights are suggesting stable growth in US tourism as millions of Americans continue to flock to Cancun beaches.

Southwest’s director of international planning, Steven Swan, says in regard to Cancun,“It’s quickly become our largest international market.

“It’s common for traffic to rebound after briefly dipping on travel warnings,” he said adding, “People tend to have a relatively short-term memory.”

From the airlines’ perspective, Cancun flights are good business because of their lower costs, high passenger volume and strong alcohol sales, said Mark Drusch, a consultant and former airline executive.

Kristen Foster of American said that American Airlines has more flights going to Cancun than to any other international destination. The winter tourist season saw the expansion of flights into Cancun including two new seasonal flights by Southwest from Pittsburgh and Raleigh-Durham as well as Spirit who added year-round service from Baltimore and Chicago.

Delta also got on board adding a third daily flight from New York to Cancun with another flight leaving from Boston to Mexico’s popular beach resort city.

Figures from the region’s airport show that international passenger traffic into Cancun has increased since the US State Department travel warning, noting a rise in traffic of 6.3 percent in November and an overall increase of more than 8 percent for the year.

Mark Drusc says that such travel warnings are not “top of mind” when people are looking for a relaxing vacation.

Golf pro Clark MacPherson told Bloomberg that he was trying to decided between the Carolinas, Nashville or Cancun for his honeymoon, and that due to the “terrifying incidents” in the US, Mexico “seemed like the safer option.”

The state of Quintana Roo, which is home to the popular beach side resort cities such as Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Riviera Maya, sees about 10 million tourists per year and accounts for one third of all of Mexico’s international travelers.