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Cancun could see a new metro bus system for the hotel zone

Cancun, Q.R. — While a cable car system for the Cancun Hotel Zone has been ruled out, the possibility of a metro bus has not.

Although there was mention of a cable car system by state governor Carlos Joaquín González in his government report, the Secretariat of Tourism for the state says that details for that project were being handled by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport.

Tourism secretary Marisol Vanegas said that a cable car system would not be for tourist use, but used as transport for commuting workers into the hotel zone, however Lauro Trejo, president of the College of Architects of Cancún, said that such a project is not viable as a form of transport for the masses of people who travel there every day.

He says the cable car systems that exist around the country are for tourists purposes, offering panoramic views and that projects such as Nichupté and Bojorquez for Cancun, which were announced during the last government report, are a much better option.

“Creating a cable car for transportation is not a feasible idea,” he says.

Francisco Palma Leal

In the future, however, the hotel zone could see the introduction of a metro bus, which would be included in the new mobility plan.

Francisco Palma Leal, president of the Board of Directors of Autocar Cancún, revealed that there is talk of an investment of 250 million peso which would represent an efficient public transport service in Cancún and involve all companies in the industry.

In October of 2016, bus line ADO began operating Turibus out of the Cancun Hotel Zone, a double-decker bus that offers visitors a tour of the city. There is no word if the proposed metro bus would be used only for workers or would include all public passengers.