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Cancun commits to beach cleaning, maintenance

Cancun, Q.R. – Millions of square meters of beach areas have been routinely cleaned by city staff since the beginning of the new municipal administration.

To date, nearly 23 million square meters of Cancun beaches continue to be cleaned and maintained by dedicated city workers. According to Municipal President of Benito Juárez, Remberto Estrada Barba, approximately 180 square meters of sand are maintained on a daily basis.

“We provide permanent maintenance to public areas since this is the main tourist destination in Mexico and Latin America. We guarantee a quality of service for the thousands of international, domestic and local visitors while fulfilling our commitment to care for and preserve our natural resources,” he added.

“Actions like these have allowed Benito Juárez to certify seven Blue Flag beaches because we have accredited various criteria to the corresponding authorities to consolidate a tourist destination with quality public services,” he said.

Estrada Barba notes that it is particularly important because it represents a large benefit in terms of promotion for Cancun since the crystalline water and white sand are the images most shared on social networks. Daily beach maintenance includes the removal of solid waste, seaweed, beach combing, public restroom cleaning and general maintenance.

“Tourism is the economic engine of Benito Juárez and Quintana Roo, so this 2016-2018 administration is committed to the keeping the quality of the beaches so there are more travelers and therefore, greater economic output during the high seasons. It can also mean more jobs and better welfare to the thousands of workers who depend on tourism,” said the mayor.

A crew of 75 from Cleaning of Beaches Department of the City of Benito Juárez work in two shifts 365 days a year to ensure city beaches remain in prime condition.


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