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Cancun citizens demanding end to violence, resignation of attorney general

Cancun, Q.R. — Residents of the city of Cancun say that due to the increase in violence, they not only want peace, but the resignation of the state attorney general.

Faced with a continual increase in violence, executions and insecurity that have reached historical levels, residents of Cancun are demanding peace for their city. Associations have organized a March for Peace, which will be held Friday evening in Cancun.

The March for Peace will also serve as a way to protest and demand the resignation of the State Attorney General, Miguel Angel Cen Pech.

Across social networks, the organizers say they’ve had enough of the violence. “Either we stop this or the next one could be you. In the absence of results by the authorities and the increasing number of robberies, assaults, executions, kidnappings, scams, etc., next Friday, August 10 at 5 p.m. will depart from the roundabout of Ceviche with a course set to the vice-office in a march of protest.”

The city of Cancun has recorded historic figures in violent acts, with numbers so far in 2018 exceeding the total for the year of 2017. Several organizations and public voices have hinted that the State Attorney General, Miguel Angel Cen Pech, resign from his position, however, Cen Pech says he has no plans on resigning.