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Cancun bank robbed by three armed men

Cancun, Q,R. — A Banorte bank in the city of Cancun was robbed Monday morning by three armed men.

The robbery took place at the Banorte in Plaza Las Palmas in Cancun when three armed men reportedly entered the bank. The trio entered the bank at 9:45 a.m., yielding weapons and leaving with an estimated 100,000 peso.

Emergency 911 activated a Red Code after receiving a call of armed assailants entering the bank. Ambulances were also called to the scene with the notification that the assailants were assaulting those inside.

In a matter of minutes, police arrived and cordoned off an area around the intersections of La Costa and Xcaret Avenues in Supermanzana 36 in an attempt to find the men responsible for the robbery.

Witnesses said that after the men were handed the money, they got into a private car and fled, however, no one was able to provide a direction. Police began a search operation and managed to arrest one man allegedly linked to the robbery.

The arrested man was handed over to the Public Ministry while police reviewed surveillance cameras to identify other assailants.