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Cancun authorities announce recovery project for city’s urban cenotes

Cancun, Q.R. — Municipal authorities in Cancun have announced the revitalization of the more than 100 public area centoes around the municipality.

José Luis Castro Garibay, director of Municipal Public Services says that “The first thing that we will attend to will be the cleaning of the areas where these cenotes are located, which is the immediate work of city council. The rehabilitation will be for the population’s enjoyment but will take about a year because things still need planning.”

He explained that the work will begin this week so that in about a month, the recovery of the sites will begin so they can then start with a total rehabilitation process that will require at least a year and an investment not yet estimated.

During the last administration, he says authorities spoke of a rehabilitation, sanitation and cleaning program which was not carried out due to a castling of officials who determined that the issue was not a priority.

Due to a lack of city upkeep, many of the cenotes have become dumping grounds, however, they are hoping to revitalize these areas with green spaces that will become neighborhood attractions for area residents.

There are approximately 105 urban cenotes in and around the city of Cancún that are located in public spaces. Some of the cenotes best known to locals are those in the Ejidal belt of Region 101 and Region 235 where despite the small entrances, locals went to swim.

The recovery of the centoes will fall under the responsibility of the Directorates of Ecology and Public Services.