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Cancun also considering parking meters

Cancun, Q.R. — Lack of parking and constant congestion are two of the main reasons city of Cancun officials are also looking into the installation of parking meters.

Karla Gasca Sánchez, president of the Municipal Planning Commission, says that parking in the commercial sector in the first square of the city is agonizing and that the situation needs to be improved.

She says that the installation of parking meters is part of the road plan to relieve traffic congestion in that area of Cancun, noting that too many people park their large vehicles on the roadway for hours at a time.

“The city needs to improve mobility. There is no parking and the worst thing is that there are transporters and combis with state concessions, personal trucks and tourist transports that stay for hours or days on the public road obstructing the flow of cars and pedestrians,” she says adding that “faced with such a road disorder” the commission feels that installing parking meters is feasible.

The municipality of Benito Juarez is the second in the area to consider installing parking meters as a way to control traffic. Municipality leaders in Playa del Carmen have also studied the idea to relieve traffic problems in that city’s center.