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Canadian man dies of drug overdose

Cancun, Q.R. – A Canadian man has died of a heart attack due to a drug overdose.

On Saturday, staff at Los Bisquets Obregón restaurant on Nadar Avenue called for police assistance after a man entered the establishment exhibiting extreme aggression. The man entered the restaurant shoeless and shirtless where he went into a bathroom and began hitting walls.

Municipal Police arrived on scene and entered the bathroom where they found the man saying he did not feel well. Paramedics rushed him to a nearby hospital in Cancun where he died. Medical staff declared his death from a heart attack, however, an autopsy confirmed the 29-year-old Canadian native died of a heart attack due to a drug overdose.

The man’s girlfriend confirmed her boyfriend had taken narcotics which caused his aggressive behavior. The man’s family are working with local officials to have his body returned to Canada.

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