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Canadian company announces 4.5 billion peso investment in Quintana Roo

Chetumal, Q.R. — A Canadian company has announced a 4.5 billion peso investment plan into the medical and real estate sectors of Quintana Roo.

Canadian company K & A Associates says they intend to invest around 4.5 billion peso in the development of medical and residential facilities based in the state’s capital due to the booming growth of the state, which makes it a preferred place for the development of its projects.

Bernardo Cueto, director of the of the Institute for the Development and Financing of the State explained that on December 11, Marc Kealy, CEO of K & A Associates, visited Quintana Roo in order to give continuity to the agreements generated after a November work agenda in the city of Toronto.

During a recent session of the Pro Quintana Roo Business Committee, Marc Kealy reaffirmed the intention of K & A to develop an investment project close to 4.5 billion peso in the development of medical and residential facilities in the city of Chetumal.

Prior to this meeting, a working meeting was held between Agepro, the Institute for the Development and Financing of the State and K & A in order to explore the areas of opportunity in which the state government could participate.

Photo: Instituto para el Desarrollo y Financiamiento del Estado

“K & A has its sights set on Quintana Roo, a region with a high level of knowledge in the Canadian market, and which has great potential for the development of projects linked to the medical and real estate sector.

“The Canadian community is increasingly aware of the favorable environment offered by the south of this wonderful Mexican state and we are pleased to see the willingness of the government of Quintana Roo to make this project a reality in the medium term,” said Kealy.

Bernardo Cueto added that “A project of this level will mark a before and after for the south of the state, specifically for our capital.

“In recent weeks, we have been working hand-in-hand with the Strategic Projects Agency headed by Architect Eduardo Ortiz Jasso, and it has been thanks to this cooperation that we have found the way to provide the conditions that has generated the confidence of K & A.

“As Pro Quintana Roo, we will work every day in our tasks of connection with the private sector in order to achieve the realization of investments that generate more and better opportunities for the population of Quintana Roo, which are the precise instructions by Governor Carlos Joaquín.”

The Instituto para el Desarrollo y Financiamiento del Estado, through its Pro Quintana Roo platform, has as central objectives for the promotion of the entity as an investment destination, the attraction of capital (public and private) and to provide personalized attention to investors who see business opportunities in Quintana Roo.