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Canadian beagle, Miss P, wins Westminster Best in Show

America’s new top dog is actually a Canadian beagle named Miss P. The four-year-old beagle took the Westminster prize of Best in Show Tuesday night in New York City.

Westminster show followers may remember Uno from 2008, the only other beagle to ever win Best in Show at the country’s most prominent dog show. Miss P is a distant relation to Uno.

Madison Square Garden was packed with dog handlers, judges and spectators alike who were all surprised by Judge David Merriam’s pick.

Judge Merrian just happens to be a retired trial court judge who has spent more than 50 years around dogs. This was his first time judging a best in show.

Today, Miss P is booked with television appearances, lunch at Manhattan’s Sardi restaurant, a walk-on stage gig in the Broadway musical, Kinky Boots, and oh yeah, a meeting with Donald Trump.

Miss P, whose name is short for Peyton, is owned by American Eddie Dziuk and Canadians Lori and Kaitlyn Crandlemire of Enderby, B.C. Miss P’s official champion name is Tashtins Lookin for Trouble.

The best of seven included Swagger, an Old English sheepdog who was a crowd favorite. Matisse, a Portuguese water dog related to the Obama’s pet dog Sunny , Skye, a terrier, and English Springer Spaniel and a Shih Tzu.

While there is no prize money for winning a Westminster title, the bragging rights are endless.


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