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Canada’s first three-way political battle takes shape

For the first time in Canadian history, the upcoming 2015 Federal election will bring with it a three-way battle among Conservatives, New Democrats and Liberals.

Aside from Justin Trudeau’s Liberals and the hopeful re-election of Stephen Harper’s Conservatives is now NDP leader, Thomas Mulcair. “We’re heading into, at the start of the campaign, the first three-way race in Canadian history,” Mulcair noted last year as he geared up for campaigning.

“Come next fall, people are going to be looking at the substance of the positions; they’re going to be looking at leadership and the ability to stand up strongly. The way I’ve been taking on (Prime Minister) Stephen Harper, people see that.”

He expects the NDP will have to continue pushing hard all year for his campaign to be taken seriously by the media as a contender for power, but it’s a challenge he seems up for.  “Nobody’s ever given me anything in my life.

“For me, hard work isn’t a slogan written by somebody else,” he added, in a dig at Trudeau’s “hope and hard work” mantra.

Aside from enjoy the campaigning challenge, Mulcair notes, “I’ve been elected three times provincially, three times federally and I’ve won a leadership race. Believe me, I know what I’ve got ahead of me, I know what I’ve got to get done. But I know exactly what I have to do, too.”

While some strategists feel that Mulcair’s love of political brawling may resemble Harper (a little too much), Mulcair says he won’t be fighting anyone but will instead, be fighting for the NDP’s positive agenda.

 “We’re fighting for families, we’re fighting for the environment, we’re fighting for Canadians. That’s us.”

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