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Businesses in Puebla participate in feeders for dogs program

Chalchicomula de Sesma, Puebla — Local business owners in Ciudad Serdán are showing their support for the city’s stray dogs by providing street feeders.

Several streets in the municipality of Ciudad Serdán are outfitted with the food and water dog feeders. The metal structures support a plastic bottle for dry food and a tube for fresh water. Above the structure is a sign that explains the importance of supporting the homeless dogs.

Local businesses that take on the program are responsible for the maintenance and care of their dog feeder, which includes paying for the dry kibble food.

The initiative was brought to the city by Manuel López, head of the organization Feeders for Dogs who, along with many youth, organize the feeders to ensure homeless dogs do not do hungry in the streets.

“Dogs eat the same way we eat, so we do not have to mistreat animals,” said Kevin Lopez, a volunteer with the Feeders for Dogs organization.

Out of the seven businesses in the municipality that participate in the program, approximately 15 homeless dogs get fresh food and water each day thanks to the feeders program.