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Burger King’s burger scent cologne a sellout in Japan

Last updated on October 24, 2017

For many, April first is a day of tricks and pranks but for others, it’s the day to buy Burger King’s new scent. The fast food giant had been planning for months to sell a new burger-scent in hopes customers would identify Burger King with a grilled-beef burger smell.

Named Flame Grilled, the cologne went on sale Wednesday at the fast food’s restaurants across Japan.

Selling for about $50 US or 5,000 yen, bottles of the Whopper cologne quickly sold out at about half of Burger King’s Tokyo outlets before evening. 

Yuki Ishibashi, a 17-year old student, said he bought a bottle of Flame Grilledout of curiosity. He said he learned of the cologne last month and said “I really wanted to try it.” He described the Flame Grilled scent as “spicy”, while another girl said the cologne smelled like a Burger King store.

However, according to one Kotatu reader, the cologne smelled more like tacos than a burger.

Burger King said the timing for the sale of the cologne was intentionally set for April Fool’s Day. The promotion was available only in Japan.


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