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Bullfighting in Cancun no longer legal form of entertainment

Cancun, Q.R. — After many years of protests, bull fighting in Cancun is prohibited. The council of Benito Juarez has announced that bullfights, cockfights and other similar shows will be prohibited because they generate suffering in animals.

Cancun city council member Blanca Pech Fernandez, made the announcement. She says that in some hotels there are shows with animals as tourist attractions, but this has generated controversy, because you can not inflict suffering on animals for human pleasure.

The PRD said that in Cancun there are no people or organizations dedicated to the breeding of bulls to fight or cocks to fight “so it will not be affecting any producer”. This, in reference to the argument given in regard to the decision to not close dolphin shows, which officials say, would put thousands out of work.

According to Guillermo Brahms, secretary of the City Council, the Animal Welfare regulation was approved at the end of the Paul Carrillo term, but will now be put into action.