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Borge’s legal team deem arrest illegal

Panama — Recently detained Quintana Roo ex-governor Roberto Borge Angulo, has hired a legal team to deem his Panama arrest illegal.

When brought before the Panama judge and asked whether he accepted the extradition order, Borge rejected the extradition process saying, “I do not agree honorable magistrate.”

The ex-governor’s defense, led by attorney Carlos Carrillo, appealed the decision of the magistrates that the arrest was legal and indicated that it will interpose the necessary resources in favor of its client. Carrillo noted the arrest was illegal for several reasons, one being that Borge was arrested in an aircraft of French jurisdiction and therefore has violated the international conventions approved by the Chicago Convention.

“My client had already completed the boarding process and was inside the plane,” said Carrillo. The defense claims that the Panamanian authorities should have alerted France to the arrest of its client and to carry it out on French soil.

Carrillo also told the magistrates that the detention order should have been requested by the Mexican Embassy to the Attorney General and not to the International Affairs Prosecutor which has violated due process.

He also argued that his client had not been notified of the prosecution and that he was arrested before the arrest was issued against him.

The court, by unanimous decision, refuted the arguments of Borge’s defense. The Superior Court of Appeals declared the apprehension of the former Mexican governor legal.

The next step is for the embassy of Mexico to file formal extradition of the accused, and once the corresponding evidence is presented to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Panama, they will be sent to the Attorney General’s Office and a new hearing will be held.

Mexico has been given a deadline to formalize the request for extradition within the next 60 working days.

Borge remains detained at the Direction of Judicial Investigation (DIJ) of the National Police, in the capital district of Ancón (Panama).