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Borge ordered to remain in Panama prison until extradition

Cancun, Q.R. — The Superior Court of Appeals of Panama has ordered the ex-governor of Quintana Roo Roberto Borge to remain in prison until he is extradited to Mexico.

From the most recent hearing into the extradition, Panamanian prosecutor José Candanedo explained, “There are several criminal cases for which Mr. Roberto Borge must answer, and this, added to the purchasing power of the citizen which could allow his escape from the country, is what caused the magistrates to decide that it is not convenient to substitute the precautionary measure (the arrest) applied.”

Borge Angulo, an PRI ex-governor, appeared before the Higher Court of Appeals of Panama last week after the judge ruled a recess at the first hearing which began the day before. Candanedo said that, “If judges approve the formal arrest, then the decision on extradition would come.”

The last hearing resumed after three judges ruled a recess after Roberto Borge’s lawyers asked to review the precautionary measures that were issued.

Current state Governor Carlos Joaquin said that after ex-governor Roberto Borge Angulo rejected the extradition process to Mexico, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the PGR are working to ensure that the legal process is applied in accordance with the law. He added that the process would be carried out as soon as possible, having Borge reach Mexican soil to pay for the damage done to the people of Quintana Roo.

Carlos Joaquin noted that officials are still working on adding more charges as there are pending audits and additional investigations with the Attorney General’s Office.