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Borge granted Amparo but will not go free says state secretary

Cancún, Q.R. — Not being charged with money laundering does not mean he will go free, explained the government secretary of the state after former governor Roberto Borge wins an Amparo.

Francisco López Mena, Secretary of Government of Quintana Roo, says it is important for the public to understand that in the case of the former state governor Roberto Borge Angulo, there are still three valid arrest warrants for him in the state.

He says that Borge won an Amparo that prevents him from being charged with money laundering, and although a federal judge gave him that win, other outstanding arrest warrants remain.

Francisco López Mena, Secretary of the Government of Quintana Roo

“If it prospers that there is not enough evidence to prove money laundering, it does not mean that the former governor will go free. There are three crimes with three arrest warrants by the state.

“If a judge were to release him for that federal crime, the arrest warrants for the other three crimes would be immediately initiated,” he explained.

Rosaura Antonina Villanueva Arzápalo, Specialized Prosecutor in Combat against Corruption of the Attorney General of Quintana Roo agrees, saying that the judgement opens the possibility of bringing him to face his processes in the state.

She explained that the battle to bring Roberto Borge to justice is not easy, saying that the Amparo does not impact the three arrest warrants against him.

López Mena said that even though Borge’s team may have been granted an Amparo against the money laundering charges, Borge still faces criminal charges of illicit use of power, irregular performance of the public function and embezzlement.