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Borge extradition to Mexico plagued with legal delays

Cancun, Q.R. — The process for Panamanian authorities to extradite the ex-governor of Quintana Roo, Roberto Borge Angulo, to Mexico depends on pending responses from the Supreme Court of Justice of Panama.

The proceeding is pending the resolution of three writs of habeas corpus and the evidence in the incident of objections to extradition, according to statements by defense attorney Sidney Sittón.

All legal actions take place in the Court, appeals before magistrates and the incident in the Second Criminal Chamber, he reported.

On September 15, the government of Panama authorized the extradition of Borge to Mexico where he is to be tried for the alleged crimes of money laundering, illicit use of power, embezzlement and irregular performance of the public function.

After his capture on a commercial plane at Tocumen International Airport in the Panamanian capital, Borge remained imprisoned in a migrant post and then in Ancón, but on June 9 he was transferred to El Renacer on the outskirts of the city.

The habeas corpus were filed at the end of September by Borge’s legal defense, Carlos Carrillo and Arturo González, who claimed violation of human rights.

With these, Borge’s extradition to Mexico continues to be delayed after a hearing on October 5, when the Public Ministry of Panama argued before the Second Chamber that the documents on the appeal filed by the defense are incomplete.

The court ordered that copies of the extradition file be requested to resolve the appeal filed against the decision of the Panamanian government to grant the delivery of Borge to Mexico. When asked if there is a deadline for the court to issue a ruling on the proceedings, the lawyer Sitton answered only, “No”.