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Borge defense team files another appeal for release

Panama — As more charges are filed and extradition nearing, lawyers of ex-state governor Roberto Borge have filed another appeal for his release.

Lawyers of the former governor of Quintana Roo have filed a legal appeal to the authorities of Panama to request his release and avoid his extradition to Mexico.

“The defense has filed a petition for habeas corpus in favor of Mr. Borge to the Supreme Court of Justice to request his release because his detention is illegal,” says Carlos Carrillo, a member of Borge’s defense team.

According to Carrillo, the appeal was filed Friday and signed by Arturo González, another of Borge’s lawyers. Borge’s defense previously asked for his release since, in their view, the ex-governor’s arrest came before an arrest warrant was issued. They also argued that Borge was taken off an Air France plane, so the aircraft would not apply to Panamanian laws.

To date, all arguments have been rejected by the Court of Appeals, which also denied the payment of bail to release Borge, who has allegedly declared a monthly income of $16,000 USD.