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Borge begins hunger strike, lawyers claim psychological torture 

Cancun, Q.R. — Roberto Borge began a hunger strike last week which he claims is due to the subhuman conditions of his new location.

The ex-governor of Quintana Roo was moved from El Renacer prison where he’s been held since his arrest in June. Since being labeled a flight risk, Borge was relocated to national headquarters in Panama where he remains until his extradition to Mexico.

However, Borge’s legal team says the ex-governor is suffering psychological torture since the relocation. Borge defense lawyer Arturo González Basso stated that his client is the object of a violation of human rights explaining that Borge is a locked in a solitary cell, handcuffed at feet and ankles with maximum 45-minute-a-day visits.

“I have to tell you that Roberto Borge is subject to vexations that violate human rights, with the sole purpose to bend him and to renounce his rights to go through a simplified process,” he said.

“They have him in a solitary cell with a lantern lit day and night which prevents sleep. We take it out to the patio when the lawyers visit. He is surrounded by cross-stitched mesh half-inch wire. The space is very small. He is sitting on a bench tied at hands and feet, that is, with handcuffs on his feet and hands,” González Basso added.

“We have presented a constitutional action so that the judges of the Supreme Court can go and verify the conditions where they have him, where we are even recorded when we go to talk with him, violating the confidentiality lawyer-clients,” he said.

Arturo González Basso said Wednesday a lawsuit was filed against the State of Panama before the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR), due to the conditions under which it client at the headquarters of the National Police.

I want to inform you that today we filed a lawsuit against the Panamanian State in the International Commission on Human Rights,” said the lawyer.

The hunger strike initiated by former governor Roberto Borge Angulo is just an attempt at blackmail, said Luis Armando Esquiel Orozco, president of the Cancun Bar who said that “everyone knows his perversity.”

Esquiel Orozco anticipated that since Borge still has an appeal to go through, they expect he will arrive in Mexico in about 30 days, once the Superior Court confirms the ruling.