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Body of man dragged into river by crocodile near Puerto Vallarta finally recovered

Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco — After several hours of hunting a crocodile, the body of a man snatched riverside while fishing, has been recovered.

On Monday, the head of a man was seen near the shoreline of the Ameca River by someone passing by. It was later learned that the rest of the body was submerged because a crocodile had hold of the torso.

The man was seen in the Ameca River at Bahía de Banderas in the region of Puerto Vallarta. He was reportedly fishing riverside when he was attacked by a crocodile and dragged into the river. Ecology personnel from Puerto Vallarta along with the fire department, police and emergency services went to the scene but were unable to do anything since the man was deceased and being held in the river in the jaws of the reptile.

In an attempt to scare the crocodile into releasing the body, police fired into the air, however their tactic failed as the crocodile simply dove deeper, taking the body with him. It took officials several hours to relocate the crocodile.


Still gripping the man, emergency personnel reported they were able to finally recover the body. Environmental officials from Profepa had given the okay to shoot the reptile if need be to recover the body, however, there was no report or update as to what happened to the crocodile or how they finally gained access to the body.

When recovered, emergency personnel said that the left arm and a large portion of the man’s shoulder and back had been devoured. He was identified by relatives. According to authorities, a woman was witness to the man being attacked while fishing along the river.