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Body found identified as former Cancun commander

Cancun, Q.R. — The body of a man found Monday morning has been identified as that of a former Cancun police commander. The body, which was discovered by a passerby, is said to be that of former Commander Everardo Castro Colorado.

The body was found in SM 76 Monday morning after Castro Colorado and another man were forced into a vehicle in SM 227 Friday night. His body was found dismembered. The body of the second man, Ramón Enrique R.C., has not yet been located.

Castro Colorado served as a commander in the 1990s for the now defunct State Judicial Police. He served for 12 years. He later became the political police during former-governor Roberto Borge’s administration.

In December 2004, Castro Colorado was detained for his alleged participation in the execution of 12 people, including three elements of the Federal Investigation Agency.

He had served as a commander in the fourth agency of the Cancun Public Ministry. His dismembered body was found in two black bags Monday morning by an area resident.