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Boats approved for Sargasso removal from Cancun, Puerto Morelos

Cancun, Q.R. – Semarnat has authorized the purchase of eight boats for use around Cancun and Puerto Morelos to help collect Sargasso.

The boats, which must be purchased before the end of the year, have been approved by the Secretariat of Environment and Natural Resources (Semarnat). Jose Luis Izaguirre Funez, delegate with Semarnat, says the money to buy the boats will come from the 65 million peso budget that was set aside September 8. The boats will be instructed to collect the seaweed in areas behind the barriers. The excess seaweed will be placed in accordance with marine guildelines while other boats will be used to redirect the Sargasso to the Gulf Stream.

The project was agreed upon by Semarnat, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment (SEMA), the Navy (Semar) and the Ministry of Tourism. However, the Cancun Hotel Association has the freedom to acquire more vessels where it’s considered necessary to keep areas free of kelp.

“They’ve invited hoteliers and entrepreneurs who want to add and implement strategies in areas that concern them, as long as they abide by the guidelines set out by Semarnat” explained Funez Izaguirre.

Currently there are two boats in Puerto Morelos which have been used to lift the kelp from the sea and transfer it to the appointed collection centers.

The sea weed that accumulates in these designated storage areas will serve different uses.

Zofemat reports that the coast of Cancun and Puerto Morelos have 80 percent less kelp now than in June and July when they were collecting up to five tons in a single day.

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