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Boa found coiled on bus tire in Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — Playa del Carmen firemen were kept busy Monday when they attended to a boa snake call.

The call came from the bus driver of a staff vehicle belonging to the Hard Rock Riviera Maya Hotel. The bus driver was just boarding the bus to take his load of passengers to work at the hotel when he noticed a large snake curled up on a tire.

He immediately had everyone get off the bus while he called authorities for assistance in removing the snake.

Firefighters from Solidaridad arrived to find a large boa constructor had moved and was curled up against the warm concrete along the side of the road.

The boa was taken to the Xcaret park for a veterinary review after the firemen realized the snake had an injury to its face. No one was hurt or reported injured during the rescue.

In January, a Cancun resident about to drive off got a surprise after finding a boa constrictor sleeping on the engine under the hood of his car.

In March, a large boa constrictor was rescued from a busy Cancun roadway. The snake was seen sleeping on the warm concrete when passersby stopped traffic to lure him off the street.