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Bermuda hit by Hurricane Gonzalo, now bound for Canada as tropical storm

Thousands of Bermuda residents are without power this morning as Hurricane Gonzalo ripped through the island with torrential rains and sustained winds that reached 110 miles per hour (175 kph); winds that extended out about 45 miles (72 kms) from the eye of the storm

A spokeswoman for the Emergency Measures Organization said although storm damage is assumed to be widespread, there have yet to be reports of any serious injuries.

Reports of fallen trees have sectioned off parts of island streets, while instruments at the Bermuda International Airport and Bermuda Radio Maritime Operations Center in St. Georges were knocked offline by the storm.

The U.S. National Hurricane Center in Miami said the hurricane, which was the strongest to hit the British territory in more than a decade, made landfall Friday night and is currently about 200 miles northeast of the island. The storm continues to weaken as it picks up speed and is expected to pass southwest of Newfoundland sometime on Sunday, prompting a tropical storm warning from Arnold’s Cove to Chapel’s Cove.


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