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Beheaded body of man discovered in central Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — The beheaded body of a man was discovered early Friday in central Playa del Carmen by a passerby who made the report to Emergency 911.

Reports say that the emergency service received a call around 6:50 a.m. from a resident who was out for a morning run. Found on a street of Colonia Centro, police were quick to arrive at 14th Street between Boulevard Playa del Carmen and 45 Avenue.

Municipal police were first on scene to confirm the bagged body. Although an ambulance was called, the request was withdrawn after an inspection revealed the body had been decapitated. Instead, additional police arrived, cordoning off the area.

Forensic personnel arrived to remove the body, who is reported to have been a male between the ages of 35 and 40. Reports also say that evidence was intentionally left behind that links the death to organized crime.