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Bara Bara in Puerto Morelos closes doors after attack

Puerto Morelos, Q.R. — Owners of Bara Bara in Puerto Morelos have announced the permanent closure of their establishment. The news comes after a grenade was tossed inside, injuring two.

Two weeks after a grenade attack, Bara Bara in Puerto Morelos announced its closure to the public, saying that the decision was made due to the insecurity that exists. The announcement of the decision was made via social media.

Bara Bara published a message announcing that after 12 years of business, they will no longer operate.

“Today we say goodbye, sad but grateful of this great cycle. Unfortunately, the insecurity that our country is experiencing puts us at risk. What happened on Saturday, November 3 was a situation outside of us,” they said in their public statement.

“12 years ago we started this project with the sole intention of creating a good time and dancing…now we cannot say that. Thanks to all our team, clients and friends.”

After the attack, the Attorney General of the State started an investigation, however, to date, there have been no results or any arrests. Those alleged to have thrown the grenade into Bara Bara were reported by witnesses as fleeing on a motorcycle.