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Baja Peninsula hurricane Odile rated worst in 50 years

Hurricane Odile hit the Baja Peninsula on September 14, leaving behind much destruction in the popular tourist resort of Los Cabos; a resort that lies in the Tijuana-Ensenada Tourist Corridor.

Aside from intense rain and wind, Odile left widespread damage throughout much of the area, making it the most destructive hurricane to hit the state in 50 years. Residential areas were hit hardest, leaving the community to band together to raise money, food, clothing, water and shelter for local hurricane victims.

Walter Halicki, CEO of JW Maxx Solutions comments, “From the most recent pictures that have been sent to us from the area we can see that Marina Boulevard is already cleared. Buildings are in the process of being repaired and locals are even frequenting some of their favorite bars and restaurants as power lines have already been restored in much of the city. It is truly remarkable how quickly the Los Cabos community was able to pull together, but there is still a lot of work to be done in order to rebuild.”

Cabo San Lucas is like most coastal towns in Mexico in that it relies on tourism. The resort is a particularly popular area due to its ease of access, attracting nearly two million visitors each year.

With tourist high-season around the corner, it’s imperative the town scramble to get resorts and beach areas up and running. According to press reports, many of the resorts are already tending to their superficial damage and are certain they will be welcoming guests back for the upcoming season.

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