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Bad weather in PDC closes ports, grounds boats

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. – Due to port closures on Thursday, local tourism boats were forced to cancel 100 percent of their reservations.

Continuing bad weather has resulted in a temporary port closure in Playa del Carmen. The closure, which was ordered by the Port Authority, is affecting an estimated 50 tourist boats that are part of the Caribbean Sea and fisheries Xaman Ha.

Jose Gomez Burgos, secretary of tourism cooperative ‘Caribbean Sea’ and fisheries ‘Xaman Ha’, explains that “the winds are strong and, due to the sea kelp, have already damaged two engines. Some of the docked boats are nearly sinking with water, so we’ve had to clean them out to prevent worse damage.”

Orlando Ibarra Vargas, manager of the spa and beach club ‘Bad Boys’ says, “The wind is affecting the large amount of kelp that ended up on the beach today. Right now we are at 30 percent before the change in climate, where before, we were reaching 80 percent and had about 20 tourists attending the boat tours. Now, maximum is five.”

In addition to boat tours, local restaurants, beach clubs and massage therapists reported a decline of 40 percent  in sales by the low turnout due to the rains and high winds. However, there has been a strong influx of people along Fifth Avenue.

According to forecasts ​​by local meteorologist, Antonio Morales Ocaña of Civil Protection, the weather conditions will continue at least until Friday night.

“We have warm temperatures with mostly cloudy skies, rain and isolated showers and moderate northeast winds 10 to 15 mph and gusts of 35-45 kilometers per hour over the showers,” he said.

“For water navigation we advise to keep in mind wave and storm surges due to the winds. For drivers on highways or urban areas, decrease your vehicle speed to avoid accidents during flooding rains,” he said.

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