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Authorities say drive with care, it’s blue crab season

Cozumel, Q.R. — The director of the Center for Conservation and Environmental Education for Cozumel is urging people to take care when driving to avoid running over blue crabs.

Rafael Chacón Díaz, director of the Center for Conservation and Environmental Education, says that it is blue crab season and that they are migrating toward wetlands and mangrove areas to spawn. He is reminding people that the blue crab is threatened, and therefore, a protected species in Mexico.

Chacón Díaz explained that the blue crabs are visible mainly along the coastal roads of the island from June to September, adding that people driving in the hotel areas should be extra cautious.

He noted that the crabs only live one to two years, which means a short lifespan and short amount of time to reproduce.

Chacón Díaz says that signs have been placed in different parts of the city, adding that each year, the population of the blue crab decreases.

“It is unfortunate to see these crabs be crushed by vehicles that circulate without respecting speed limits, so I call on the population to take more care, to be more human and make an effort for the species,” he added.

Each year, the blue crabs also make their way across Cancun roadways. Last June, hundreds of blue crabs were rescued off a busy street and returned to their habitat along Avenue Bonampak in central Cancun. Several groups and numerous volunteers rushed to the avenue to prevent the small crabs from being run over by traffic.