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Authorities say car accidents highest during heavy rains

Cancun, Q.R. – With the rains nearly gone, officials say that during this past week they dealt with more than 20 accidents a day over the rain-soaked weekend.

According to the Municipal Department of Public Safety and Traffic, auto accidents were at their highest while roads were at their wettest. Heavy rains and flooded streets combined with speeding drivers were the most common causes of city accidents.

On Friday night alone local authorities tended to eight accidents, however on Thursday, the first day of the rains, the Mexican Red Cross in Cancun said they tended to 15 car accidents in four hours. The main cause of those accidents were heavy rains and slippery asphalt.

Transit staff were out monitoring the most affected streets to assist motorists who called in an accident or suffered an accident of their own. They provided assistance to more than a dozen motorists whose vehicles became stranded due to high water levels along main streets of Cancun.

Since January of this year, the Municipal Department of Public Safety and Traffic says there have been 3,092 recorded traffic accidents. They say that of the accidents involving transport drivers, 58 percent were the result of following too close, failing to follow stop signs and speeding. For private vehicle accidents, the most frequent cause was speeding and talking on a cellphone.

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