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Authorities say Barcos Caribe target, no risk to public using ferry services

Cancun, Q.R. — State governor, Carlos Joaquín González, says authorities continue to investigate the devices found on the bottom of a Barcos Caribe ship, noting that it was not a ferry in service and posed no risk to the public.

In a press conference, the governor along with Alfonso Navarrete Prida, Secretary of the Interior, said that they are aware of what happened “with the identification of explosive devices in Playa del Carmen and Cozumel” and that Civil Protection officials remain in constant communication with the governor in regard to the circumstances.

Navarrete Prida pointed out that the decision to suspend all services of Barcos Caribe had already been made before the discovery, and that these criminal acts are limited to the Barcos Caribe ferry company since they are evidently the target.

“This last event, I must clarify, was not in a boat open to the public, but was anchored for some time. For that reason there was no risk to human lives,” he insisted.

That particular Barcos Caribe boat was anchored 500 meters from the coast of Cozumel and had been out of service for 10 months.

The government explained that, “The indicated vessel of Barcos Caribe did not represent, nor does it represent, any danger to the daily passengers of Cozumel nor to the tourists who visit our tourist destinations.”

Navarrete Prida indicated that the Attorney General’s Office (PGR) already has a solid hypotheses of what is happening and it is their responsibility to make a report.

Joaquín González said, “We need results to know exactly what happened,” noting that he has had contact with authorities in the United States who have been duly informed that there was no risk to passengers in the last incident, adding there is no risk to cross from Cozumel to Playa del Carmen.

He stressed that Barcos Caribe is not operating, that the ship where the devices were placed was far from the dock and had been out of operation for 10 months.

“Now we have to find the reason why there would be an artifact on an inoperative ship,” he added.