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Authorities, residents mystified as Chakanbakán lagoon refills itself

Chetumal, Q.R. — The mysteries of the Chakanbakán lagoon continue as the lagoon begins to refill itself.

Environmental attorney Miguel Nadal Novelo reported that the Chakanbakan lagoon in Nicolás Bravo in the ejido Laguna Om is already recovering its water level.

On August 22, residents near the lagoon reported hearing a deep rumble before discovering that the lagoon had nearly entirely drained itself over a 24-hour period. On August 30, residents are now looking at the same lagoon in amazement as it begins to recover its water levels.

With several holes still exposed, water is slowly returning to the Chakanbakán lagoon leaving local experts without any explanation.

“It has a lot of water, nearly as it was. It is recovering impressively. Every time I come, I have been coming every day, I am surprised to see more water. Now it has nearly two meters. It has about 50 centimeters to go before it has two meters of water.

“The current is coming from the south and is the one that is supplying the lagoon,” said Leopoldo Santos, an ejidal curator from Laguna Om.

While the water is returning, the ejidatarios are prohibiting passage to the lagoon until it is completely restored.

It is thought that the lagoon initially drained due to a fracture in the ground. Within 24-hours, nearly all 15 hectares of the Chakanbakán lagoon was void of water, leaving several drainage holes exposed.

Miguel Nadal Novelo says it is likely that the lagoon changed its dynamics, moving the water to lower areas. La Comisión Nacional del Agua says they will also continue the search through the use of technology to understand what caused the lagoon to drain in the first place.