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Authorities inspecting more than 600 billboards across city of Cancun

Cancún, Q.R. — The director of Civil Protection for the municipality of Benito Juárez along with the mayor are requesting all billboard owners verify their signs.

A verification operation by Civil Protection is including the owners of billboards around the city of Cancun to provide permits. The operation is also including physical inspections of the large advertisement signs for structural integrity.

Antonio Fonseca León, head of Civil Protection says that municipal president Mara Lezama requested the verification of billboard owners be conducted throughout the municipality, where they have counted more than 600 large advertisements of which around 40 percent are considered illegal.

Fonseca León explained that during their first round of inspections, 200 signs were inspected. Of those, 50 were closed for operating illegally, another 50 were legal with existing permits and 100 are in the process of regularizing their paperwork.

He added that it is not only about having permits, but also having large billboards that are secure and safe. Billboard owners require both a permit and safety inspection to legally place the large ads.