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Authorities confiscate kayuco moving merchandise from Mexico to Belize

Authorities along the Mexico-Belize border have implemented an anti-smuggling operation. Belize authorities say that merchandise continues to pass from Mexico into Belize via the Hondo River.

They say that smugglers use kayucos along the banks to move items from Mexico into Belize. While drugs have been found in the past, the most recent kayuco seizure contained a large load of food.

This latest haul saw at least nine people flee as customs and coast guard officials zeroed in on those making their way into Belize. Officials say that although some merchandise was taken by those who fled, customs confiscated numerous boxes of produce including tomatoes, avocados and cabbage.

They say the smugglers also left behind 22 cases of cola and 14 boxes of beer.

Smuggling between Mexico and Belize has been an ongoing problem for many years with officials stepping up security along the Hondo River.