Playa del Carmen has largest volunteer group in state Mexico Playa del Carmen 

Playa del Carmen has largest volunteer group in state

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — During the recent international beach cleanup, the municipality of Solidaridad had the largest group of volunteers in the state. On September 23, the municipality of Solidaridad participated in the annual International Clean Water garbage collection organized by Ocean Conservancy that began in Tulum and ended in Holox earlier in October. This year, the municipality had more than 5,500 volunteers sign up for the event, the largest volunteer group in the state. Local volunteers cleaned 20 beaches and two reefs over 62 kilometers. According to the…

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Unemployment rate decreases as thousands of jobs created Business Cancun Mexico 

Unemployment rate decreases as thousands of jobs created

Cancun, Q.R. — The unemployment rate in Mexico saw a slight decrease in August, bringing it to its lowest point in a similar month since 2005. According to seasonally adjusted figures from the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI), the unemployment rate in August was lower than that reported in the same month last year at 3.74 percent. The unemployment rate for August 2017 stands as the lowest for a similar month since 2005. Figures reported by INEGI are gathered by percentage of the Economically Active Population (EAP) in Mexico. Similarly, the…

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Spider monkeys continue to be victims of hit and run Mexico Puerto Morelos 

Spider monkeys continue to be victims of hit and run

Puerto Morelos, Q.R. — Spider monkeys continue to be killed by inattentive drivers. Local authorities have made efforts to reintroduce the spider monkey into the region, however, motorists continue to kill them from hit and run accidents. Another spider monkey was found dead on the highway outside Puerto Morelos, making it the third this summer. The monkey was found hit not far from the Botanical Gardens where they cross the road during the cool night hours to reach the reserve. Armin Zapata, manager of the Botanical Gardens, says that earlier…

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Second hurricane hits Mexico in one week Around Mexico Mexico 

Max, second hurricane to hit Mexico in one week

Acapulco, Guerrero — Hurricane Max has landed outside Acapulco in what has become the country’s second hurricane in a week. The Category 1 storm landed at 4:00 p.m. in the town of Pico del Monte on the border of Laguna Chautengo, and 90 kilometers from Acapulco, both in Guerrero. Hurricane Max arrived with intense torrential rain and strong 130 mp/h winds that created elevated sea swells of between 3 and 5 meters in Guerrero, Oaxaca and Michoacán, according to a report of the National Meteorological Service (SMN). The municipality of San Luis Acatlán, Guerrero was also…

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Costa cruises to have first gas powered ship Travel 

Costa Cruises to have first LNG gas powered ship

Cruise ship company, Costa Group and Carnival Asia, have announced the start of the construction of their newest ship. The cruise ship, Costa Smeralda, will be the company’s first LNG-powered ship. A steel cutting ceremony for the new boat was held yesterday at the Meyer shipyard in Turku, Finland. Once complete, the 180,000 gross ton ship will be the world’s first to be marketed to from multiple countries throughout Europe. “These ships will strengthen the leadership position for the Costa Group, which is already the market leader in all the…

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Thieves loot shops as Florida suffers Irma International 

Thieves loot shops as Florida suffers Irma

Miami, Florida — Groups of thieves in different Florida cities were caught on video looting stores as millions suffered the after affects of Hurricane Irma. One group of looters were caught on camera Sunday as they entered a back door to a Miami Foot Locker and exited with armloads of shoe boxes before hastily running to the getaway cars. In Fort Lauderdale, authorities arrested nine people for looting several stores including two clothing stores and one sports shop. They were all caught on camera “Going to prison for a pair…

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New pod hotel concept coming to Cancun Cancun Mexico 

New pod hotel concept coming to Cancun

Mexico City, Mexico — The Benito Juarez International Airport in Mexico City has installed a 40-pod IZzzsleep Capsule system that offers travelers a place to sleep for a few hours or overnight. It is the first in the country to install the IZzzsleep pod system, which has racked up a rating of 8.7 out of 10 by travelers. The pods, which can be rented hourly or for one night, is fitted with a bed, air and lighting controls, UBS ports for charging devices, WiFi and flat-screen TV. Rooms have access to a…

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Mexico Red Cross members head to Texas International 

Mexico Red Cross members head to Texas

Mexico City, Mexico — Mexican paramedics are getting ready to help Texas storm victims affected by the devastation left behind by Hurricane Harvey. The American Red Cross has requested the aid of members of the Mexican Red Cross to help in part of a relief effort. Hugo Velázquez, aid coordinator for the Red Cross at Tamaulipas, says that 33 medical staff from the Mexican Red Cross left for Dallas Wednesday. They will be there for at least 15 days, but likely longer if needed. The 33-member paramedic team were accompanied…

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