Official extradition request for Borge sent to Panama Mexico Political 

Official extradition request for Borge sent to Panama

Cancun, Q.R. – An official extraditon request has been sent from Mexico to Panama for ex-governor Roberto Borge. The Directorate of Judicial Investigation that arrested Roberto Borge in June explained that he is being held in Renacer Prison, in the middle of the jungle surrounding the Panama Canal. Panamanian Foreign Ministry, in charge of the process, who requested anonymity, confirmed that a formal request for the extradition has been issued by Mexico and that Panama is in the process of reviewing the procedure. The Superior Court of Appeals of the…

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Riviera Maya hotels using reverse osmosis for water supply Mexico Riviera Maya 

Riviera Maya hotels using reverse osmosis for water supply

Riviera Maya, Q.R. – Due to lack of infrastructure and high water usage, more and more local hotels are turning to reverse osmosis for their water supply. In order to provide tourists with the thousands of liters of water that an average hotel needs per room, lodging centers in Riviera Maya and Puerto Morelos are opting for the desalination of sea water through reverse osmosis. Alejandro Vargas Calápiz, director general of Grupo ACF, explained that desalinizing sea water is the option many of the Riviera Maya hotels are choosing. “The lack…

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Playa del Carmen to expand dock for yachts, cruise ships Mexico Playa del Carmen 

Playa del Carmen dock expansion for yachts, cruise ships

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — Municipality officials are hoping that for 2019, the city of Playa del Carmen will be ready to receive cruise ships. A plan to expand the current ship dock to receive large yachts is in the works says Jesus Vega Arriaga, director general of Navigation Veracruzana (Navega). He explained that by next year, an extension of 100 meters will be added, making the current dock ready to receive luxury yachts and that by 2019, an additional 220 meters will be added, allowing enough extension to dock cruise…

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Profeco suspends the operation two used car lots Mexico Playa del Carmen 

Profeco suspends the operation two used car lots

Playa del Carmen, Q.R — Two used car lots in Playa del Carmen have been suspended for not complying with consumer rules. Marisol Huitrón Rangel, head of Profeco Solidarity, reported that the Federal Attorney’s Office of the Consumer (PROFECO) placed suspension stamps on two used car lots. One lot was suspended when managers refused to comply with municipality policy of having advertised public prices. The second used car lot was suspended for not using contracts approved by Profeco. State laws indicate that these types of businesses must have contracts that specify…

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Aguakan to replace pipes in Playa del Carmen Mexico Playa del Carmen 

Aguakan to replace pipes in Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. – On Monday, Aguakan will begin maintenance in Playa del Carmen to replace thousands of meters of pipe. The much-needed replacement of more than 20,000 meters of pipe will be installed from the Federal highway to the beach and from 8th Ave. to Avenida Aviacion. The work, they say, will be divided into two phases that in the end, will provide a better supply of water. The new pipes will also replace old leaking pipes on public roads and sidewalks. Aguakan says they do not expect…

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Mexico’s food exports increase despite US uncertainty Financial Mexico 

Mexico’s food exports increase despite US uncertainty

Exports of agri-food products are the highest in all of history and the expectation is that in 2017 “we will grow even more,” said the spokesman of the Presidency of the Republic, Eduardo Sánchez Hernández. Accompanied by the Secretary of Agriculture, José Calzada Rovirosa, explained that “Mexican products are distinguished by their quality and by meeting the highest sanitary standards in the world, so our agri-food supply is the most competitive in the world.” In a press conference the company said the Mexican agri-food sector is experiencing a great moment thanks…

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Trump’s failed Mexico ventures tells a tale Mexico People 

Trump’s failed Mexico ventures tells a tale

During the last decade, now US President Donald Trump conducted business in Mexico as an entrepreneur; business transactions that proved unsuccessful. Since becoming president, Trump has talked about renegotiating the North American Free Trade Agreement, deporting 11 million undocumented immigrants to Mexico and said he will build a wall that will span the border between Mexico and the United States. The conflicts between Trump and Mexico began about a decade ago with the organization of the Miss Universe contest in Mexico as well as the failed construction of a resort in Tijuana and an on-going land battle on the island…

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More than 200 swam for Oceanman title Cozumel Mexico Sports 

More than 200 swim for Oceanman title

Cozumel, Q.R. — The Oceanman competition on Isla Cozumel took place Sunday as more than 200 competed for titles. First place in the men’s Elite 10 kilometer category went to Fernando Betanzos Rodríguez with a time of 2:14:02, while Anahí León Becerril of Veracruz took first place in the women’s division with 2:43:39. Second place in men’s was won by José Luis Prado Medel, with 02:31:14 and third place was given to César Corona, of Querétaro with a finish time of 02:45:46. Second in the female category swas Patricia Kohlmann Hackl…

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