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Australian living in Cancun deported

Cancun, Q.R. — An Australian man who was reportedly living in the city of Cancun has been deported by immigration authorities.

The National Institute of Migration (INM), in coordination with elements of the Gendarmerie of the Federal Police, has reported the deportation of an Austrian citizen from Mexico who was wanted on previous charges of fraud in Australia.

The Australian man, identified as Juergen “N, was wanted by Australian authorities for fraud and document forgery. He was found living in Cancun where he was also engaged in the same crimes of fraud and document forgery of private properties.

In a statement, INM indicated that the Australian man was living in Cancun with an irregular immigration status. In his home, officials discovered multiple weapons of various caliber for exclusive use by the Army.

Officials say he had posted numerous photos of the weapons on his social media account.

The National Institute of Migration and the Federal Police, through the exchange of information with the Federal Bureau of Investigation of the United States (FBI) and the Austrian Police, obtained the legal requirements necessary to arrest Juergen.

Juergen “N”, who was also Red flagged with Interpol, was deported back to Australia where authorities will continue with the legal processes.