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Attorney general says seven criminal cells exist in region

Cancun, Q.R. — The state attorney general says that there are at least seven criminal cells in the northern zone of the state, adding that due to displacement, they are moving south.

Miguel Angel Pech Cen, the State Attorney General for Quintana Roo, spoke about the criminal activity in the state acknowledging that the first quarter of the year has been the most violent in recent years.

He says that there are at least seven organized crime cells in the north, adding that due to the coordinated efforts between the state, federal and municipal police, they are facing good results. He explained that due to police efforts, these cells are becoming displaced and are moving to the central and southern areas of the state.

He added that citizen participation is not part of these results, since many do not want to provide their personal videos or business surveillance recordings.

“Despite the fact that the public has not wanted to support us by providing the videos of their surveillance cameras, we are still investigating and we are about to conclude several cases registered in Playa del Carmen and Tulum,” he said.

Angel Pech Cen commented that the preventive operational programs do not correspond to the State’s public prosecutor’s office, but to the municipal, state and federal police corporations as the first respondents.

“We are responsible for the investigation process,” he said.