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ATMs shut down in Tulum for lack of permits

Tulum, Q.R. — Nearly two dozen ATMs around the town of Tulum have been closed for lack of permits.

Víctor Cauich Chacón, director of Urban Development, says that of the closed machines, 10 were from the same company. He says the closed down ATMs were due to a lack of permits, mainly land use permits.

He explained that the companies were notified that they required regularization to have the machines, however, they failed to comply. Others were asked to provide their legal documents, however, they too failed to comply.

Cauich Chacón added that even though most of the machines were placed on private property, the corresponding permits are still required. “Even if they have leases, they must be displayed,” he said.

After the closures, he said that they will be given a waiting period to regularize their situation. In some cases, the closing stamps were withdrawn with the promise to regulate the machines.

It is estimated that about ten ATMs are from a single company, but there were nearly 20 that have been reported for lack of permits.

A majority of the closed machines are located in the tourist area in the coastal zone next to the shops or hotels that are in that strip between the Cobá avenue and the Sian Ka’an arch.