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ATM slot-stuffer arrested in Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — A man has been arrested after he was seen on surveillance cameras stuffing paper into the money output slot of an ATM in Playa del Carmen.

The arrest comes after several ATMs were found tampered with in popular central Playa del Carmen shopping areas. The initial discovery was made by a member of the city’s Tourist Police, who noticed a wad of paper had been inserted into the money tray, preventing the cash from being expelled from the machine.

After an ATM user left the machine defeated, those stuffing the money slot would then appear, remove the wad of paper and the unclaimed cash.

Police use a yellow tool to show where the paper is stuffed into the ATM.

Recent surveillance footage recorded a man stuffing paper into an ATM on the corner of 10th Street and Fifth Avenue. Police tracked him down and have since arrested the (approximately) 34-year-old they believe is responsible.

Police say that at the time of his arrest, a search of his person revealed personal belongings as well as a roll of paper, adding that an inspection of a nearby ATM revealed the money slot was jammed with paper.

The arrest was made with coordinated efforts between members of the Centro de Inteligencia y Monitoreo (Center for Intelligence and Monitoring) and municipality Tourist Police.