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Atlantic earthquake felt in state of Quintana Roo

Chetumal, Q.R. — An earthquake recorded off the northern coast of Honduras was felt by residents in the state’s capital city of Chetumal.

The quake, which was recorded in the Atlantic Ocean, was felt by Chetumal residents around 2:43 a.m. Sunday. Protección Civil of Quintana Roo says the earthquake was a magnitude of 5.1 and 10 kilometers deep with its epicenter 66 kilometers northwest of Coxen Hole, Honduras.

The movement caused a slight shake in the city of Chetumal and its surrounding area. Protección Civil of Quintana Roo released an alert about the recorded movement.

“Some seismic vibrations felt very light in some points of Quintana Roo without affecting the state geography. It is important to keep informed through official means,” they reported across social media.

Although no damage was reported, the Sistema Estatal de Protección Civil en Quintana Roo did carry out inspections of some Chetumal buildings.