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At least 30 Mexican nationals caught in Nepal quake

The Embassy of Mexico in India has reported the location of 30 Mexican nationals among the Nepal earthquake, with one Mexican citizen still missing.

Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE) continues to work with the Embassy of Mexico in India to find all 31 Mexican nationals. SRE has said that according to information provided by Mexican family members, the Embassy of Mexico is reinforcing its efforts to locate the missing person.

Governments around the globe are scrambling to locate thousands of their nationals in the Nepal earthquake that has killed more than 3,200 people.

China has been chartering flights to pick up 683 of their tourists from the Himalayan country, while Australia has made contact with about 200 of the 549 Australians traveling in the country.

Julie Bishop, Australia’s foreign minister, said that “While there are reports of extensive loss of life, at this point there are no reports of Australian deaths.”

Japan has set up a liaison office to help locate its 1,100 nationals that were staying in Nepal when the quake hit. The UK is working closely with the Nepalese government offering assistance and providing consulate assistance to British nationals caught in the Nepal earthquake.

There was a group of five Britons who were trapped on Everest and rescued by helicopter.

China has confirmed that it has lost four citizens while 10 have been seriously injured. South Korea said out of 650 nationals, only three were seriously injured. Israel has made contact with 400 of its 600 citizens traveling in Nepal at the time, while France said about 500 of its nationals have been safely located. India has already evacuated about 800 of its citizens.

The Spanish government said that so far, they have located 169 citizens but another 165 remain unaccounted for. The number of foreigners in the reason is guesstimated at around 300,000 – the busiest time of the year.

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