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At home recycling program begins for Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — Playa del Carmen has officially began its waste separation program, It’s In Your Hands, which will allow people to begin recycling at home.

Municipal Solidarity President, Cristina Torres Gómez, started the waste separation program with objectives to reduce the amount of garbage that reaches local landfills while promoting the culture of waste separation.

“We know it will not be easy but we will not give up on this task. We are sure that with the active participation of the inhabitants we will be able to make Solidaridad a cleaner municipality,” she said.

She explained that waste compactor trucks will cover certain areas specific days of the week where different materials will be collected.

The new garbage collection program by type of waste will be as follows: Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday will be organic and non-recyclable inorganic. Tuesday collections will be for paper and cardboard and glass, while Thursday collections will be for plastic and cans.

“We are aware that this program needs time to be adopted by all citizens, but we are sure that those who love Playa del Carmen and want a clean environment in which to live, will support and motivate others,” she said.

Cristina Torres called on all residents to continue participating in the programs Reciclatón, Kilo Verde and I Recycle in my School, to which you can take the recyclable materials on your own. She said anyone needing more information on any of the recycle programs can visit the Municipality of Solidaridad Website.

The new at-home recycle program began collections August 5.